Cannes 2016

We had an amazing time at Cannes meeting new contacts and catching up with old ones.   If you are looking to finance a feature film let us know as we have access to several sources of finance and are putting together a number of co production deals.


Having worked on the Brit Awards over 10 years ago we were pleased to be asked to take part in this year’s show and what an amazing show it was especially the tribute to David Bowie.    Congratulations to everyone that took part and to Adele for winning four awards!

Xero Accounting

At Miss CFO we pretty much always recommend Xero Accounting to our clients, not just because it’s really easy to use but also as it’s cloud based so can be accessed wherever you are and on the move. We were really excited to meet up with a representative of Xero in LA this week and […]

PBS Flagship Series: The Brain

Visually spectacular. Jaw-droppingly revelatory. Empirically true. The Brain: Your Inner Cosmos tells the profound story of your brain and why you feel and think the things you do. This is an epic and transformative series that reveals the ultimate story of us; an ambitious project that blends scientific truth with innovative visual effects and compelling personal stories. Viewers will […]

International Co Productions

International co-productions are nothing new. Modern filmmakers have been joining hands across borders at least since the 1960s, when Italian directors, shooting in Spain with American stars, produced spaghetti Westerns. But economic globalization has brought new energy to the concept. Hollywood trade publications now regularly announce international co-productions. David Acosta, head of the film and […]